Our Story

The Slamka family moved to West Kelowna from Czechoslovakia and planted their first vineyard in 1969. With the intention of selling grapes to large commercial wineries. By 1996, the three Slamka sons had established their own winery. Little Straw Vineyards was born! Our debut commercial release in 1994 celebrated the essence of West Kelowna’s summer grapes. Explore our legacy in every bottle, reflecting decades of passion, tradition and quality winemaking. 

New vineyard blocks have been added or replanted over time, allowing us to try new varieties in our search for those best suited to our 12 acre parcel. This combination of grape growing techniques, modern wine making practices, and maturing vines works to create the unique character of our wines.

Our vineyard stands as a cherished cornerstone of the West Kelowna winery scene. Our story is one of endurance and passion, rooted in vineyards that have weathered over 50 years of time. Amongst these venerable vines stand our beloved Auxerrois and Marechal Foch vines. Be sure to try the Auxerrois in our Frizzante, and Tapestry wine! As well as our delicious Foch wine. 

In late 2021, the Slamka family decided to retire and pass on the torch to Kalala Organic Estate Winery. 


Karnail Singh Sidhu

Proprietor | Managing Director | Viticulturist

Brimming with knowledge and experience (over 27 years in organic viticulture and agriculture), Karnail has created an excellent reputation for himself starting in the Kelowna wine industry – which has now transcended the Okanagan region. He opened Kalala Organic Estate Winery in 2006, a fully organic winery located in the picturesque Okanagan Valley, in West Kelowna. Kalala Organic Estate winery continues on, owned and operated by the Sidhufamily. Karnail is a sought-after viticulture consultant and the proud winner of a myriad of wine awards – as well as being the winner of the prestigious ‘Viticultuist of the Year’ award in 2019. 

The Slamka family entrusted him with their winery when they decided to retire in November 2021. He has many great plans for the Little Straw legacy. When the Sidhu family took over, Little Straw began its journey to organic certification! Now sharing vineyards with Kalala, Little Straw is able to provide a number of organic wine options on our menu. 

In 2024 Little Straw’s journey to Organic Certification will come to fruition, starting a new – and greener – chapter in the Little Straw legacy.