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*We can accept bookings during times we are closed if you contact us personally and book in advance*

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february in store wine Specials:

Please come our winery in West Kelowna or contact us to place your order! 

*Buy 5 wines and get the 6th for free*

*Merlot and Cab Sauv on sale for $25 including tax*

Where family matters...

The Slamka family planted their first vineyard in West Kelownain 1969 with the intention of selling grapes to large commercial wineries in the area. By 1996, the three Slamka sons had established their own winery. Family has always been one of the Slamka’s core values. So when they wanted to sell Little Straw Vineyards in 2021, they searched for the perfect family to take over. A family that shares those same core values.


The Sidhu family – owners of Kalala Organic Estate Winery – ended up being the perfect match. They took over ownership in 2021 and have kept the Slamka’s legacy alive. Keeping the wines that have been cherished throughout the years, as well as adding new beloved wines. Little Straw also began the process of Organic Certification under the Sidhu family’s leadership – which is set to come to fruition in the summer of 2026!


Today, family still plays a large part in every bottle of wine produced. From the vines to your glass, we hope you enjoy every sip. Wine is meant to be savoured with loved ones!


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