quail eggs
Quail sometimes lay their eggs between rows of vines
Sauvignon Blanc in bloom
Sauvignon Blanc in bloom
Vineyard in early spring
The vineyard in early spring, kissed by sunrise
The vineyard and Lake Okanagan
Late summer view of Lake Okanagan and the vineyard
Coyote in the vineyard
Coyote in the vineyard looking for breakfast
American Kestrel on a perch above the vineyard
BC day in the vineyard
Looking up the hill from our block of old vines Auxerrois
rainbow across the valley
Rainbow across the valley in early spring
An LSV-branded barrel
A barrel looking fine with some LSV branding!
a rainbow of wine
A colourful selection of our wines
The old farm truck
The old farm truck
View of Lake Okanagan in fall
Autumn view of the vineyard and Lake Okanagan
Okanagan Valley sunset
Okanagan Valley sunset
Sauvginon Blanc ready for crush
Sauvignon Blanc waiting to be crushed
The vineyard in winter
Time for a rest, the vineyard in winter
Pruning brings order to chaos
Pruning in early spring brings order to chaos
Robin nestlings
Robin nestlings are part of spring in the vineyard