The Slamka family planted their first vineyard in 1969 with the intention of selling grapes to large commercial wineries.  By 1996, the three Slamka sons had established their own winery.  Wines vinted from the hot summer grapes of 1994 made up our first commercial releases.  A neighbouring parcel of agricultural land was purchased in 1999 so that we could expand our plantings.

New vineyard blocks have been added regularly since then, allowing us to try new varieties and also to grow a given variety on more than one aspect of the land, a practice which can yield additional complexity in a varietal wine.  This combination of growing techniques, modern wine making practices, and maturing vines works to create the unique character of our wines.

Lately, we've been producing some exceptional Sauvignon Blancs and are already well-known for our Auxerrois Icewine. In 2008 we debuted our winery lounge, the Barrel Top Grill—a setting where you can engage all of your senses while enjoying our wines paired with creative Okanagan Valley cuisine. Although family members are employed in all areas of our operation, non-family staff will tell you that they feel like part of the family. Come for a visit and see what they mean.

Bringing in the Grapes

Bringing in the grapes